Frequently asked questions

How can I access the website of the school I'm interested in from the Home Page?

The Main Menu consists of five tabs of different colours, one per each school.

Each tab is named after the school.

Click on the chosen tab to be redirected to the website of each school.


How can I find my way in the website of each school?

Once landed on the Home Page of each school, the navigation menu will be accessible.

It has the same background colour of the school, for example if you are on IS Milan website, the background colour of the menu will be red.


How can I quickly find the information I'm looking for?

​Each school's menu is divided in 5 sections:

  1. Who we are;
  2. Learning at;
  3. Community;
  4. Admissions;
  5. Upcoming news.

Who we are introduces the school, the teachers and the core values and policies on which it's established.

Learning at .... is a section entirely dedicated to didatics, here you will find the IB programmes, the Curriculum Guides, the access point to several portls (ManageBac and Parent portal for those who use them), the list of extra-curricular activities and the download area.

Community includes some useful information for parents who have just relocated and all the contacts of the Parent Advisory Board (in some school it's called differently).

Admissions includes information and forms for the student's admission procedure, together with a description of additional services (canteen, school bus service, school uniforms, etc. etc.)

In Upcoming news you will find all the news concerning the school and the activities carried out by the students throughout the academic year.


How can I access the parents' private/reserved area? Have the features been changed?

The private/reserved area works exactly as before and you will find the same contents. You need to log in with your username and password in order to be redirected to your own private/reserved area.

In order to log in, International School of Europe administration will provide parents with their usernames and passwords.

It's possible to access it by clicking on the Private/Reserved area button located on the top service menu, just below the main schools tab menu.


Where can I find didactic materials referring to the Curriculum Guides?

in the Learning at ... section of each school there is a menu listing taking you to the website of the Curriculum Guides in use in that school.


Is the online enrolment system still active? How can I access it?

International School of Europe Online enrolment is accessible from the service menu located just below the main schools tab menu.

The Online enrolment system has not been changed.


Where can I find the contact details of the schools?

The contact details of the school offices can be found in the main Home Page, in each school's Home Page and in the Contacts page accessible by clicking on the Contacts buttons of the service menu located on top page, just below the main schools tab menu.