ISE Group

We’ve been the leaders in language based education for over 50 years.

The International Schools of the ISE group are characterised by the basic principles and educational aims of responsibility, comprehension and cooperation. Values that help students to be open towards the world, with a multicultural society and the cultivation of international mindedness from their earliest years.

Alongside the use of English as the language of tuition, the distinctive feature of ISE group International Schools are the founding principles underlying the method employed in the schools: responsibility, understanding and cooperation, values that encourage students to open up to the world, to a multicultural perspective, and to cultivate an international mindset from the very first years of learning. The aim is to encourage independence in students and to foster abilities and behaviour that will help them in later life.

The teaching method adopted by the International School of Europe seeks to bring the subjects to life as much as possible: by highlighting the connections between traditional disciplines, each subject is taught as part of an organic didactic process aimed at making students as independent as possible and encouraging them in their development.

Over the years ISE has grown and established itself consolidating its presence throughout the Italian territory, becoming one of the largest and most celebrated international realities: as well as managing directly the International Schools of Milan, Monza, Modena and Siena, the Liceo Linguistico Internazionale Oxford and the Kiddy English preschool in Milan, it has also been a key promoter of the International Schools of Bergamo, Brescia and Como.