Code of ethics

ISE, International School of Europe, is a leading force in Italy in language training and provides high-level international education for children and young persons from 3 to 18 years of age, in a unique and stimulating educational context, using English as a vehicular language.

The teaching methods and learning techniques of the International School of Europe attempt to mirror real life as far as possible: the links between the traditional disciplines are emphasized and every subject is taught as part of the complete didactic process, not in isolation from the rest.

As well as teaching English naturally to a native speaker level, the modern and innovative teaching method of the ISE stimulates pupils to reason, relate and interact with each other, developing skills and attitudes that will be fundamental to their everyday lives.

In the course of time the ISE has established itself and consolidated its presence throughout the Italian territory, becoming one of the largest and most celebrated international realities: as well as managing directly the International Schools of Milan, Monza, Modena and Siena, the network of language schools of the Oxford Group and the Liceo Linguistico Internazionale Oxford in Milan, it has promoted the International Schools of Bologna, Brescia, Como, Palermo and Rome.

This document, entitled the “Ethical Code” (also abbreviated as the “Code”), aims to establish the rights, duties and liabilities that the International School of Europe Company S.r.l. (also abbreviated as the “Company” and/or the “Entity”) expressly assumes towards the territorial context in which it operates and towards all the stakeholders with which it daily interacts, as well as the public in general.

These principles, taken in their entirety, shall inspire all those operating for the ISE and conduct violating these principles shall not be tolerated under any circumstances, even if carried out with the intention of obtaining benefit for the said Company.

The regulations contained in this Ethical Code are an integral part of the contractual obligations of the personnel to the effects of articles 2104, 2105 and 2106 of the Italian Civil Code.

The principles and dispositions of the Code are binding upon the directors, employees, Principals, teachers, tutors, consultants and, in general, upon all individuals bound be to the ISE by employment relationships (“Employees”) and upon all those who work for and with the Company no matter what their business relationship with it may be (“Collaborators”).

All the above-mentioned subjects, including those external to the Company who operate, directly or indirectly, for the ISE (e.g. attorneys, agents, collaborators of any kind, consultants, suppliers, commercial partners, whatever may be the relationship by which they are bound to the Company), may hereinafter be described as the “Addressees”.

The Addressees shall, while performing work activities and professional services, comply with the above-stated principles of diligence, efficiency and correctness, and shall be committed to pursuing the aims established by the ISE.

The Code shall be disseminated to third parties receiving appointments from the Company or having stable relations with this same.

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