Great ideas are born from the heart, as well as the mind.

Wanda e Francesco Formiga

On 1st September 1958 Cavaliere Francesco Formiga, opened his first school based on use of the English language. He had only a small group of pupils, but his sights were already set on the future. The International School of Milan adopted British educational programmes and its motto, created for the occasion, was “For a world without frontiers”.

Many years have passed since then and that school has made its founder’s motto the basis for its remarkable development. A constant crescendo of challenges launched and taken up, but never lost.

That class of four students in Via Senato is today the International School of Europe: the leading Italian group of international schools providing in-language training.

Thousands of students, of all ages and from every corner of the world, have studied, lived and played together beneath the roofs of our schools. Their aim for them has been one only: to acquire the knowledge necessary to lead successful lives, while complying with a solid and sound inheritance of ethics and values. Those for which the founders’ motto stands as a leitmotif.

After the demise of Formiga and his wife, their sons, Paolo and Franco, took up the challenge and continued in the footsteps of their parents, keeping clearly before them the vision of a school for “a world without frontiers”.

Where there is knowledge and culture there is peace! The wealth of the school lies in its diversity of cultures and its ability to enable these to enrich each other through communication, dialogue and fraternity.

Cav. Francesco Formiga