1957 - 1980
The founding years

In 1958, Wanda and Francesco Formiga establish the International School of Milan.

The first day of school, in via Senato, there are only four students.

The ongoing success calls for the change of several locations and, in 1970, the adoption of the English School GGCE, O-Level and A-Level examination system.



1980 - 2000
Changes, geographic expansion and strategic decisions

In 1986, the Italian Parliament approves the law that recognizes the equivalence of the IB to Maturity and the International School of Milan begins to incorporate the IB courses, even if the formal mechanism for the recognition of IB schools will only be applied in 1992.

Since that date, in fact, International School of Milan stops using the A-Levels and adopted the IB Diploma.

At the same time, the request of the families grows so much as to push the ISM to open a school in Monza (1984), the sponsorship of the International School of Rome (1988) and the opening of the International School of Modena (1998), initially as a joint venture with Tetra Pak.



2000 - 2010
The years of market consolidation

The IB becomes the only proposed program by the International School of Milan, and finally every reference to the English program disappears.

In 2008 the International School of Europe is founded, the largest Italian network of International Schools with a common vision and mission, based on the IB.

The first ISE schools are those of Milan, Monza and Modena.

In 2010, it also opens the International School of Siena, founded as a joint venture with Novartis Vaccines, Monte dei Paschi and the province of Siena.

Also part of ISE Group, run by partners, are the schools of Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia and Como.



2010 - 2014
The years of new investments plans

From 2012 all of the ISE schools launch a project, which involves the use of personal tablets as a teaching tool alongside books and traditional methods of study.

Technology becomes an integral part of the learning program, and becomes an indispensable element in a school curriculum that looks towards the future.

In September 2013 the new Milan Campus, designed specifically to bring together in one location IS Milan Early Years, Primary, Middle and High School, the Liceo Linguistico Internazionale and Oxford Group, has been inaugurated.



2015 - 2016
An offer that stands out

Since September 2015 the new Campus of the International School of Monza has been operative. Situated in the heart of the city, it unites in a single location the Early Years, Primary and Middle Schools. The first section of the High School is now opening.

Since September 2015, a new wing of the Campus of the International School of Modena has been open. This has been expressly designed for the last two years of the High School, dedicated to the IB Diploma.

In the same period we also opened, in the heart of Milan, the new ISE Kiddy English, for children aged 2 to 6. It offers an educational programme for infants based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage.