Your career at ISE Group

The role of the teacher has changed over the years. Teaching methodologies have evolved, as have the students. There is no greater privilege in the ISE Group than that of contributing to students’ education.

ISE Group sustains, develops and inspires its teachers’ talents.


ISE Group supports its collaborators in all daily teaching activities. It enhances their role inside the academic community and provides backup for the IB teaching programmes.

The perfect marriage between innovation and tradition in teaching.


Being a teacher in an international school is stimulating, gratifying. A major group like ISE knows how to enhance its teachers’ work with interesting career opportunities.

You’re not just part of a great school, you’re part of hundreds of students’ lives.


ISE Group helps its collaborators with their transfers, so they can begin immediately to live and explore their new lives, in a beautiful country, the cradle of culture: Italy.