IS Milan Boarding School: the international experience you've been looking for.

Opening in September 2017, IS Milan will also offer a Boarding School. Located at Via M. Colonna, 24 - zona Fiera/Sempione in Milan, the Boarding School will transform IS Milan's international experience in an outstanding educational journey for 14 to 18 year olds. Not your average student residence, but a unique experience in a modern and stimulating learning environment - purposely built for living an international experience.



A student-friendly residence!


  1. 40 places
  2. 14 - 18 year olds
  3. 5 or 7 days
  4. Co-ed
  • Single or twin rooms.
  • Shuttle bus to IS Milan.
  • Multi-purpose study/recreational areas.
  • Weekend activities.
  • Strong welfare & pastoral support;
  • Academic support in the evening with tutors.

The Boarding School features a kitchen, study areas and common rooms, encouraging social moments and group study.
Accommodation is divided by gender with 24/7 supervision.
Independent but under constant supervision and with clear rules (no need to worry mum and dad!), IS Milan students will live an invaluable experience.
The service is available for five days (Weekly) or for the whole week (Full).
The Boarding School offers a weekly programme of educational, sports and cultural activities and a dedicated shuttle bus service to/from the International School of Milan for all boarding students.



Choose to live in a world without frontiers!
Choose IS Milan Boarding School.


Five reasons for choosing IS Milan:

  1. Formation is not the same as uniformity: we encourage creativity and critical thought.
  2. Our values inspire students to become active citizens of a world without frontiers.
  3. We do not stop at simple notions, we provide a genuine method of study.
  4. English as the language of instruction: because bilingualism stimulates creativity.
  5. The BYOD (bring your own device) programme for the development of technological skills alongside traditional ones.


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