Our community is made up of the parents of all IS Monza students. Thanks to their mutual cooperation and active participation in school life, their bonds make our school strong.

The ISM Monza Parent Advisory Board (IS Monza PAB) was formed a few years ago to back up the work of the school and to assist in supporting and developing the numerous international communities within it.

Aims and goals.

The primary aim of the PAB is to support and encourage IS Monza students’ education and full development. In particular, it favours positive and constructive communication and interaction between the school and the families enrolled, promoting and developing their sense of community with IS Monza.

The members of the PAB for 2016-17 are:

For contact the PAB:

In addition to the formal role in the school, the PAB is working together with the class representatives in organizing social events.

More specifically:

  • It works to develop close, harmonious relations between the staff of IS Monza, the parents, the students and other significant individuals and bodies associated with IS Monza.
  • It provides information and a support network for families new to the school, many of whom are very distant from their country of origin.
  • It organizes regular opportunities (inside and outside the school) for social interaction between the families of IS Monza.
  • It uses funds collected during PAB activities to provide new activities and benefits for IS Monza students and for the school community in general.

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