PTA Parent Teacher Association

Our community is made up of the parents of all IS Monza students. Thanks to their mutual cooperation and active participation in school life, their bonds make our school strong.

In September 2017, ISMonza launched a PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) composed of Parent (and Teacher) representatives, with two Chairpersons (previously known as the PAB) with three key objectives:

  1. develop initiatives that to build and maintain community spirit at both a class and whole-school level;
  2. provide support to new families joining our community;
  3. collaborate with the school leadership on developing strategies for the resolution of issues pertinent to the majority of the school community.

In order to help achieve these three objectives, the PTA is free to appoint, in agreement with the Principal, special committees for particular events or issues as and when required. The PTA meets with the school leadership team 4/5 times per year to agree on actions that help achieve the above objectives. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact

Class Reps

Some classes have elected a parent representative to act as a single voice for whole class issues with the school’s leadership team. Please contact our school offices if you are not in possession of the contact details of your class rep.