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IS Monza - enrolments open!

As educators, but, first of all, as parents we know how important it is to teach children good principles and instill strong values, helping them to grow and learn in a peaceful and secure environment, where every student is part of a world without frontiers.

Call us and book a tour of the campus with your children, to explore the horizons of the IB programs and live together an unforgettable experience at IS Monza.

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IS Monza is an international campus offering the IB programmes:

  • Primary Years Programme.
  • Middle Years Programme.
  • Diploma Programme.

Our students have access to school facilities, beyond compare:

  • Scientific and IT laboratories.
  • Games areas and polyfunctional spaces.
  • A library and learning centre.
  • A gymnasium.

Discover today, the school for tomorrow,

we look forward to seeing you!



Why choose IS Monza?

  1. Formation is not the same as uniformity: we encourage creativity and critical thought.
  2. Inquiry based learning at our heart.
  3. Our values are like a city, and we give our students clear maps to explore them.
  4. English as the medium of instruction: bilingualism improves cognitive, social and relational skills.
  5. The iPad 1:1 programme for the development of technological skills alongside traditional ones.