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Academic Honesty Policy

At the IS Monza, we believe in the importance of honesty in our schoolwork and in ourselves. [download]

Assessment Policy

At the IS Monza assessment reflects both our Core Values and the philosophy and objectives of the International Baccalaureate. [download]

Respect and Recognition Policy

The IS Monza Core Values, especially references to: International Values, International Mindedness Respect and Community. [download]

Language for Learning Behaviour and Rewards

Effective teaching and learning can only take place in a well ordered environment. [download]

Language for Learning Approaches to Learning

At IS Monza we follow the IB PYP and MYP programme. [download]

Inclusion Policy

The Inclusion Program illustrates how classroom instruction, as well as assessments, should be diversified and differentiated based on students’ individual needs. [download]

Language Policy

Language provides us with a means of communicating with others and a tool for learning about the world. [download]

Students Attendance Policy

At IS Monza Attendance and Punctuality are vital components of our Learning Programme as grounding for the excellence in all we do. [download]

Anti-Bullying Policy

The IS Monza has agreed anti-bullying policies in full agreement with all stakeholders (students, parents, staff). [download]

BYOD Agreement form

The use of technology to provide educational material is not a necessity but a privilege. [download]

iPad Use Agreement

The use of the iPad in class carries responsibilities and behavioral expectations consistent with school rules and policies. [download]

Admission Policy

Admission Policy. [download]

Summer Menu - IS Monza

Summer menu 2017[download]

IS Monza Preview School calendar

Preview School Calendar 2017-2018. [download]

Table organization of classes

What is the right class for your child? Here is a simple table to dispel any doubt! [download]