All procedures in place for the health and safety of the International School students

The Management is working in close contact with the local health authorities (ASL), the emergency medical care and the local police to understand what happened.The meals’ preparation, which takes place outside of school, has been transferred to another food preparation centre.

Milan, January 18th 2017 – The ISE Group, owners of the International School of Milan in Baranzate, where yesterday (January 17th) some cases of gastrointestinal sickness were recorded, emphasises that the well-being and safety of students and staff members represent a core value at the heart of every single aspect of the school community’s life.

“When the early symptoms of gastrointestinal sickness started appearing, the ambulance service was immediately called in – Dr. Stephen Spurr, ISE CEO, clarifies - providing medical aid and, at the same time, a procedure was initiated, in close collaboration with the ASL, the emergency medical care and the local police, in order for us to understand and rapidly solve the problem, and we have also undertaken our own internal investigation to verify precisely and accurately what happened”.

“The school is in close contact with the families to provide support and assistance in every possible way. We are in constant touch with parents both by phone and with school meetings”.

The meals served in the Baranzate campus are prepared by an external catering service and ASL did not consider it necessary to close the school canteen. In order to ascertain the causes of the issue , the relevant authority will analyse samples of the food that was distributed on Tuesday 17th, and which was stored at the cooking centre of Settimo Milanese where the meals were prepared before being delivered to our premises and served to the students.

Whilst awaiting further information from the relevant control authorities, the school will keep following ASL’s advice and, in order to guarantee the continuity of the school service, it has been decided that as of today the meal preparation will take place in the separate food distribution centre of Legnano until the official results of the inspection are available.