Enrol Today - IS Siena

Enrolment for IS Siena is now open! And we have some important news…

From the extraordinarily beautiful historic location of Villa Parigini, to a modern and contemporary building: as of September 2017, IS Siena, the small school with an international heart, will be expanding!
The new site is a special and unique place immersed in the green Tuscan hills, where children of different nationalities study and play together. A multicultural environment where, thanks to the values of respect and tolerance instilled by the IB Programmes,every student will achieve high academic levels, developing critical, creative and reflective thought. An international school, where a peaceful world without borders is built every day.


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IS Siena


English as medium of instruction.

International and multicultural environment.

Multi-disciplinary programme.

The ideal
school to


Pursue excellence.

Become citizens of the world.

Learn through research.

Beyond the classroom


Equipped classrooms.

iPad 1:1 and BYOD programmes.




IB Primary Years Programme
(aged 3 - 11)

Candidate for Middle Years Programme
(aged 11 - 16)


The new IS Siena international campus!

The new school will welcome over 300 students aged between 3 and 16, and offers prestigious IB Programmes:

  • Primary Years Programme.
  • Middle Years Programme.

Our students have access to school facilities, beyond compare:

  • scientific and art laboratories;
  • library;
  • multifunctional gymnasium;
  • IT facilities across the school;
  • recreational green areas, for activities and study in the open air.


Discover today, the school for tomorrow, we look forward to seeing you!

Next Open Days: 26 January e 9 February!



Why choose IS Siena?

  1. Our values are motivations to learn and to grow in an international world.
  2. Learning is made of perceptions, emotions, experiences and a state-of-the-art teaching method that opens the doors to a successful future.
  3. We support and facilitate the growth of our students, as they become autonomous and responsible, promotors of great change.
  4. English as language of instruction: bilingualism improves students’ capacities for concentration and their confidence in themselves.
  5. The iPad 1:1 programme for the development of technological skills alongside traditional ones.