Our school

We’re a small school with an international centre. Our unique and challenging educational environment hosts children from 3 years of age, and English is promoted as our primary language.

Villa Parigini is about 6 km from Siena in the small, unpolluted township of Basciano. A historical location of great beauty, it hosts a school that is unique of its kind. International and multicultural, every day it welcomes 90 students of 15 different nationalities.

Every child has within itself the potential for a successful future.

Since 2010, we have offered top-quality education, availing ourselves of the IB Programmes:

  • Primary Years Programme.
  • Middle Years Programme.

The fascinating architectural backdrop of IS Siena creates a pleasant environment. Its extensive gardens are available for recreational activities, sports and groups studying in the open air. There is a canteen service and during the afternoons a rich programme of after-school activities are on offer.

Why choose IS Siena?

  1. Our values are motivations to learn and to grow in an international world.
  2. Learning is made of perceptions, emotions, experiences and a state-of-the-art teaching method that opens the doors to a successful future.
  3. We accompany our future Captains Courageous in their growth, till they become autonomous and responsible, promotors of great changes.
  4. English as language of instruction: bilingualism improves students’ capacities for concentration and their confidence in themselves.
  5. The iPad 1:1 programme for the development of technological skills alongside traditional ones.