IB middle years programme

The International School offers the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) which is the next step in the IB continuum of international education. The MYP builds on the foundations acquired in Elementary school, encouraging students to become independent, internationally minded, and lifelong learners.

All of our students receive a rich curriculum which is comprehensive and challenging, helping students build a strong foundation in the major subject areas as well as several foreign languages. Skills are developed alongside knowledge, and the students become thoughtful, creative and valuable members of the International and Italian communities. Our educators are caring and experienced and are aware that students in this age group need security, support and success.



Our aim is to deliver an International Education and at the same time, as for the primary school, we provide the important elements of the Italian State Curriculum. In these three years of middle school we take the Italian Scuola Media Programme and integrate it into the MYP programme so that Italian students are prepared for the end-of-year State Italian Exams which they invariably do superbly well in. Our international students in the main do not sit the Italian state examinations unless they wish to.

The MYP curriculum is organised around eight traditional subject areas:



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Middle School Programme in English (11-14 years old)

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Open Days - Middle School (11-14 years old)