Academic leadership


Mr. Darren Nicholas
IS Milan Headmaster

“International School of Milan è una comunità internazionale con oltre 50 nazionalità e il curriculum International Baccalaureate (che si svolge dalla materna alle superiori) è un programma veramente internazionale e si adatta perfettamente alle esigenze di tutti i nostri studenti, preparandoli al megglio affinché accedano alle migliori università del mondo.”


Iain Sachdev
IS Monza Principal

"As the only fully authorised International Baccalaureate school in the area, we endeavour to implement the IB programmes exactly as they were intended, with education being driven by an inquiry-based and highly experiential and collaborative approach. We live and breathe our Core Values on a daily basis and are forever breaking the boundaries of the traditional classroom thanks, above all, to a team of highly skilled, dynamic and committed professionals whom I am honoured to call my colleagues."


Gavin Williams
IS Como Principal

“Ad IS Como miriamo a dare ad ogni bambino un luogo in cui siano garantiti la fiducia, la sicurezza e la stabilità.
Abbiamo a cuore il nostro modello educativo, che si basa sulla responsabilità e sullo sviluppo sociale, intellettuale ed emotivo dei nostri studenti. Il nostro scopo, come IB World School, è quello di formare individui responsabili che faranno la differenza nel mondo grazie al rispetto e alla comprensione di diverse culture.”


Andrew Ackers
IS Ticino Principal

"By seeing the teacher and the student on a learning journey together, the teacher should be a facilitator of inquiry, leading the student on a learning pathway of discovery. Here at IST we are doing this."


Lianne Knibb
IS Siena Principal

"'Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’. ISS is a fully accredited IB School that strives for excellence in a climate that is caring and responsive to individual needs and goals.  At ISS we ensure all children are active participants in their own learning. The child centered learning approach addresses distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, and cultural backgrounds of individual students and groups of students. Thus, we endeavour to support and nurture our students to success whilst they thrive and enjoy their explorations. Our global vision is coordinated by an outstanding team of educational leaders and implemented by our highly skilled and dedicated professional staff."


Caroline Troughton
IS Modena Principal

"At IS Modena we believe in challenging young minds, ensuring that our focus is on every student achieving beyond expectations both inside and outside of the curriculum.  We are commited to inquiry-based learning, encouraging every student to ask questions, to think for themselves and develop the skills to become confident, independent learners who will grow up to be balanced, caring and principled citizens.  We have a strong sense of community at IS Modena and we are sure that your child will be very happy and achieve highly at our school."