Academic Leadership


Stephen Rogers                                                                                IS Milan Headmaster

"Our dedicated, international and skilled teaching body ensures that all students achieve highly at the school regardless of their ability. Their desire to challenge students is based upon a belief founded upon a growth mindset, ensuring that the focus is on every student achieving beyond what a school might ‘normally expect’. In short, we believe your son or daughter can achieve more and be happier with us here at IS Milan"



Iain Sachdev                                                                                     IS Monza Principal

 “As the only fully authorised International Baccalaureate school in the area, we endeavour to implement the IB programmes exactly as they were intended, with education being driven by an inquiry-based and highly experiential and collaborative approach. We live and breathe our Core Values on a daily basis and are forever breaking the boundaries of the traditional classroom thanks, above all, to a team of highly skilled, dynamic and committed professionals whom I am honoured to call my colleagues”


Emanuela Ferloni                                                                               IS Como Principal

"ISC is a community of lifelong learners where we strive for the best and we care for each other. Our vision is to foster open and enlightened minds through Education. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to working with our committed teachers and creative students, and to welcome families to our innovative and inspiring school."



Adam Brown                                                                                        IS Modena Principal  

"At ISModena we pride ourselves on the superb quality of our educational provision, which aims to nurture the individual talents and capabiliies of, each child. At the heart of our mission lies the happiness and well-being of our students, as we help them to maximise their full potential, and to become accomplished, lifelong learners with a deep understanding of values such as respect for others and for the world around them"


Andrew Ackers                                                                                    IS Ticino Principal

"By seeing the teacher and the student on a learning journey together, the teacher should be a facilitator of inquiry, leading the student on a learning pathway of discovery. Here at IST we are doing this."


Vicki Watson                                                                                        IS Siena Principal

"Learning at IS Siena is exciting and engaging, as students strive for excellence in a climate that is caring and responsive to individual needs and goals. Our global vision is coordinated by an outstanding team of educational leaders and implemented by our highly skilled and dedicated professional staff. We are currently based in a beautiful 17th century villa in the countryside outside of the city of Siena"